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Puffin Eye Care

STARTER KIT ® Preservative-Free Eye Drops

STARTER KIT ® Preservative-Free Eye Drops

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Our exclusive PuffinBox® Starter Kit is your all-in-one drop kit for all your dry eye needs delivered to your doorstep. For starters or those who have had dry eyes for a long time, this is the box for you. Start the journey to happier healthier eyes. 


Preservative-Free. Doctor Recommended eye drops paired with our easy to follow drop routine. C'est la vie. 


Encore: Repeat & Refresh

Includes: 4 months supply for one. 2 months for two. 

Perfect for starters or those who experience symptoms of dry eyes i.e. work in front computer screens daily, gamers, glaucoma drop users, contact lens friendly, and those working in hot, dry & dusty environments (chefs, waiters, warehouse, mechanics, construction, etc). 


Clean Box Shipping

    • Our personalized drop schedule is included with your box. Take the dry eye challenge today. 
    • Safe for kids 4+ and pregnant women. 


    • Daily Moisturizer: 3 drops per a day
    • Night Therapy Drop: 1 drop every night
    • Oil Therapy Drop: 3 drops per a day on weekends


    The Dry Eye Routine

    • Plan A for one person: Lasts approx. 4 months. Drop schedule included.
    • Plan B for couples: Lasts approx. 2 months. Drops to be shared. 


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