Who We Are

Our Story

Nestled in Toronto and proud to be a Canadian-owned company. Our passion is to provide a seamless experience to meet all your eye care needs. Our business is helping others cherish and fulfill their lives by giving them the freedom to see in comfort. We value our communities by supporting local businesses, promoting environmental awareness in our packaging, and strive for outstanding service. 

Our Promise

We believe that we should not choose between effective and natural eye care products. Choosing research-backed products with proven ingredients has always been our DNA, and our tireless efforts to make eye care simple will never stop.

Our Guarantee

We believe in our products and carefully source the best in the industry. We have a 100% satisfaction guarantee. We try to ship every product in safe durable environmentally friendly materials sourced in Canada. See Sustainability to learn more

Our Passion

We love puffins. A now rare & endangered species: Puffins are strong creatures, braving the northern parts of Canada and Iceland. They remind us of our adventures to Iceland and its breath-taking views. It is our pride and joy to represent our love for nature and never-ending pursuit of life's adventures. Welcome to the Puffin Eye Care family.