Dry Eye Kits

Dry Eye Kits



Ideal for patients suffering from:

  • Dry Eye Disease
  • Blepharitis or Dandruff on eyelashes 
  • Meibomian Gland Disease (MGD) or Blocked Eyelid Glands
  • Chalazion / Stye or Eyelid bumps


Puffin Eye Care Treatment Plan: 

  1. Steam the eyes with a hot compress for 5-10 minutes every night. You can use a face cloth and run it under hot water and place it over the eyes with eyes closed. Alternatively, you can purchase our Bruder Heated Eye Mask or I-RELIEF Hot/Cold Eye Mask. Microwave for 10-15 seconds and place over eyes closed. 
  2. Clean eyelids, lashes, make-up, and blocked glands. Place baby shampoo on a cotton round and wipe eyelids with eyes closed. Rinse with water. More effectively, you can purchase commercial cleaning wipes made for the eyes like our I-LID N' LASH PLUS made with antibacterial 5% tea trea oil and hylauronate.  
  3. Apply eye drops afterwards, in the morning and during the day. We recommended I-DROP MGD or HYLO + CALMO eye spray. I-DROP MGD or CALMO eye spray can add natural oils back to our tear film for long-lasting dry eye relief. 
  4. Destress and add omega-3 to your diet. Stress scientifically proven to cause breakouts and blocked eyelid glands. Sleeping more and resting your eyes from computer screens can help. We recommend our gummy Omega-3 vitamins for adults and kids. Omega-3 is anti-inflammatory and helps add more good oils to our tear film. 
  5. Repeat steps above for 2-4 weeks. We always recommend to seek your nearest eye care professional for further diagnosis and treatment if not resolving. 


We hope you this helps you on your eye wellness journey to comfortable eyes. You can find all the products above at www.puffineyecare.com. Be sure to check out our customized Care Kit Plans.


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