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Puffin Eye Care Inc.

RECOVERY KIT ® Preservative-Free eye drops for eye surgery

RECOVERY KIT ® Preservative-Free eye drops for eye surgery

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Our exclusive PuffinBox® Recovery Kit is your all-in-one drop kit for all your dry eye needs delivered to your doorstep. For those starting their recovery from eye surgery, injury, or those who have had dry eyes for a long time looking for a recovery option, this is the box for you. Start the journey to happier healthier eyes. 

Preservative-free, Doctor Recommended eye drops paired with our easy to follow drop schedule.

Approx. 3-4 weeks recovery supply. Perfect for pre or post-laser eye surgery, ocular surgeries, injuries and general recovery.  


Clean Box Shipping

  • 1 x Daily Moisturizer Drops (HYLO) - Approved by Health Canada for Post-Surgery Indication ~6x drops daily 
  • 1 x Eye Spray (CALMO) ~3x sprays daily
  • 20 x Clean Lid Wipes - Sterile Individual Packets (NACLINO)
  • Personalized Schedule Included



Our personalized drop schedule is included with your box. Take the dry eye challenge today.

Lasts 3-4 weeks based on schedule. Individual use may vary. 

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